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From small scale to large scale events, you can rely on our team of dedicated medical staff to look after the health and well being of your guests, participants, volunteers and staff. Our team has years of combined experience in the emergency medical field. Our staff come from paramedic and firefighting backgrounds working for regional and municipal services across the province.


Experienced and Reliable

We currently provide our services to over 130 events across Ontario and Quebec. We've built our reputation through hard work and reliability. Whether you book 10 months or 2 days in advance, you can rest assured that we will arrive on site ready to go when you need us. We go above and beyond to ensure your event is taken care of to the highest standard possible. 


Flexible Options To Meet Your Needs

Every event has its own unique needs. Whether you need 2 staff or 50, we will ensure you have the staffing you need. Charitable and community funding events can count on our dedicated volunteer teams to provide no cost service, while regular events can rely on our regular teams taking care of your event for a fair and competitive rate. We have various specialty vehicles and teams to meet your needs ranging from on site ambulances and trailers to scuba teams, we can cover any land or water based event.


On Site Event Medical Staff


Every event organizer knows that there is always the risk that someone could be injured or become ill on site. From 100 people to 50,000 people, our team is prepared to handle any situation they come across. With extensive medical knowledge, they are able to assess and determine how to proceed with patient care. Patients with minor issues will be treated on site, allowing them to return to enjoying the event. Should the patient require hospitalization or emergency care, our team will contact local EMS and provide ongoing care to the patient until they have arrived.


Specialty Support


We offer a variety of specialty services from ambulances to boats, seadoos to ATVs we have you covered. We have many specialty vehicles to meet your needs. We also can provide scuba teams, remote access medical teams, Special Skills Extra Background performer paramedics and firefighters for the film industry, as well as standby set paramedics.




Our teams bring all the necessary equipment with them to your event. We carry AEDs, oxygen, medical/trauma bags, backboards, as well as any gear required to meet your needs. During adverse weather, we also set up cooling stations providing access to shade/air conditioning and providing bottled water and electrolytes at no cost to the guests. In the cold, we carry heat packs and set up heating stations as needed. Our goal is not only to care for patients but also to prevent issues whenever we can.


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